The SCI Foundation funds and manages worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation, outdoor education and humanitarian services. It works closely with SCI Chapters and members to advance hundreds of local, regional and global wildlife conservation projects each year.

Capitol Hill: SCI has staff offices in Washington DC putting SCI lobbyists in the middle of governmental issues surrounding the protection of hunting and conservation.

SCI–PAC directly supports candidate campaigns and expenditures in federal elections. SCI-PAC supports federal candidates who promote our hunting heritage, scientific wildlife conservation and game management, and who are willing to cast the tough votes to protect our hunting heritage. SCI-PAC has grown steadily since its inception almost 20 years ago to become the largest PAC solely dedicated to hunting and wildlife issues. SCI-PAC has made a difference in the future of our hunting heritage.

Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES): CITES regulates trade in protected species of wildlife, including the shipment of hunting trophies. SCI is a leader in CITES and participated in the most recent Conference of the Parties. At the Conference SCI was successful in lobbying to relax the definition of a hunting trophy which will ease the importation of trophies that have been altered in the country where the animal was harvested. For more information see the SCI-SCIF-CITES blog.