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Safari Club International is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide.

The Greater Atlanta Safari Club participates in legislative, judicial, regulatory, public relations and other advocacy activities, including humanitarian activities, that demonstrate the constructive role of hunters in society; engages and participates in projects that educate the public about the constructive role of hunting and hunters; engages and participates in projects for the conservation of wildlife, including wildlife research, wildlife management, and financially supports Safari Club International and the SCI Foundation, for the purpose of supporting its activities worldwide.


Helped fund a faculty Chair for Conservation at the Warnell School of Forestry, University of Georgia.


Provide funding to Safari Club International for wildlife management research and education.


Sponsor Youth Shotgun Training on safety, reloading and shooting at Full Circle Farms, South Dakota; Committed to sponsor a candidate for the Junior Olympics in skeet.


Autumn Quail Hunt at Southern Woods Plantation, Annual Continental Pheasant Hunt at Beaver Pond Farm, Annual Wild Game Holiday Dinner, and Annual Banquet & Fundraiser.


Congratulations to the new President of Safari Club International, Paul Babaz!

Paul was the President of the Greater Atlanta Safari Club chapter from 2004-2009. Paul was a very effective leader for our local chapter and will be an excellent leader for Safari Club International! The Greater Atlanta Safari Club wishes Paul well and is proud to have one of our native sons as President of Safari Club International!